Ever hear the true story of ‘The Man Who Saved the World’?

The incredible story of a man, who in 1983, had to choose whether or not to follow orders and potentially send the world into a nuclear war. While his final decision is obvious, since we are all still alive and well, the fact that we came as close as we did and it came down to ONE man… Chilling.

Using a blend of fact and fiction, this is the story of that man and his life and what became of him.

When one night the Soviet alarms went off alerting military that US missiles were approaching, one man saved the world from a nuclear holocaust.

The Man Who Saved the World is an epic tale. Focusing on a man who, by sheer coincidence, was put to the ultimate test when he had to make a decision that could have changed our world forever. A successful Lt. Colonel who had been chosen especially to handle a test just like that. As Stanislav Petrov himself puts it, “No sane man would ever be able to make such a tremendous decision to decide if we should destroy our planet”.

The Man Who Saved the World comes to theaters in the UK on the 15th of May.