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  1. Hey there! What happened to Jonja.net and its great Forums? I was just going through old bookmarks and remembered Jonja.

    Hope everyone is doing well and I already miss not being able to look at old posts and the Members involved.

    Take care! Andy (Antigreek)

  2. Hi Christopher, I’m looking for a good SciFi, nerd, Star trek, geek show. My first look was your TOS show. It was good, but Matt has life all wrong. We DO NOT need more shows to that linger on from episode to episode. I don’t need to see Kirk or anyone else suffer so I can forget about my problems. We already have enough shows that act like a novel or spends TOO much time digging into the characters life, inner feelings, hang-ups, etc (definitely tired of who’s killing who, and who’s sleeping with who shows!). TOS was so great because it was episodic and that it didn’t go too deep into each character. TNG did go a little too deep, although was watchable (sans the technobable). We need shows with characters who, as in the TOS, can bounce back after a problem and continue moving forward. Not dwell on their sorrows and pain.
    On your thoughts on the new movies, I agree. The first was watchable for the most part as it’s Trek. The second was unnecessary crap pandering to the real Trekkies. beyond? Well, it had a “few” good moments but was way over the top and I don’t think it was still moving too fast for a Star Trek show/movie.
    Nest jup, I am going to listen to your “Past, Present, Future” show. I hope it is good too. If so, I may listing to more. Godzilla is probably third.
    Oh, just the synopsis of HBO Carnivale doesn’t look worth watching. TOO many angel/demon shows. Plus, if you notice, most shows are the same old thing just in another place or someone else’s life. Nothing new. The real problem was have today is TOO MANY CHANNELS AND NOTHING TO WATCH. Oops. sorry about that; lost my composure for a second. Most TV series should just be a movie of the week and be done with it.
    Take care & Thanks!

  3. Did either of you watch the movie short that the director created to get Sky Captain launched? It’s really cool conceptually, and you can see why the studio tried out the director, but it’s really just a visually interesting art piece with no acting or actors. (Unless I’m remembering wrong.) They really should have signed him on as director of photography and art direction and gotten someone that could tell a story using actors. I think that’s why the beginning seems so promising and then thew movie flattens out. If they had given that director time to play around with the visuals and the creativity of that aspect and taken the responsibility of the actors away from him, the movie could’ve been saturated with the look of the old serials. When you watch the movie you can feel the passion for the project just leaching out of the guy.
    I was really bummed when the movie didn’t turn out well. I think when I left the theater, I went to a movie gallery and rented the Rocketeer just so I could wrap the wound in VHS tape.